Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Shredded Vegetables

I eat lots of vegetables at dinner and always vary what I prepare. I created these recipes based on seeing pre-shredded veggies in my grocery store that were meant for slaw. Shredding vegetables totally changes their texture and makes a nice change.

For those interested in getting more vegetables into meat or carbohydrates, shred! For example, shred any or all of the following: carrots, zucchini, onion, broccoli and put into meatloaf, pasta sauce, any pasta dish, stew, soups, etc. This is an especially effective method for getting people who claim they don't like veggies to eat them.

You can also add these vegetables to pasta and add a protein. Use any or all of the following. I shred them in a food processor, but if you don't have one, a box shredder will work.

Winter Slaw

Broccoli stems (peel outer layer)
Carrots (peel)
Jicama (peel)
Any hard veggie
Cook in a bit of butter or olive oil, add salt. For variety, add lemon and/or lemon zest or saute garlic.

Squash and Carrots

Acorn or any variety of squash, peeled
Carrots, peeled
Olive oil and/or butter
Brown sugar
Lemon juice and zest
Shred squash and carrots, sauté and add remaining ingredients to taste.

For lots more recipes and more, go to: Harmonious Environment.


Le Loup Garou said...

I love your idea with the shredded vegetables. I adore cabbage soup and next time, I believe I will shred all the other vegetables I put in the soup just to do it differently. Thank you.
Le Loup Garou

Norma said...

Shredded vegetables in soup is delicious! I put them in my chicken and wanton soups.