Friday, August 24, 2007

Pasta with Pesto and Chicken

Summer is the perfect time for this recipe, as basil is available fresh from farmer's markets and is so good. Serve this with a tossed salad or some fresh tomatoes.

The last time I made this dish, I ground and sautéed chicken and I preferred it over bite-sized pieces, as each bite had all the delicious ingredients.

1 lb Chicken, boiled and cut into bite-sized pieces or ground and sautéed
1 lb pound pasta
1 lemon juice and zest
Handful of pine nuts
1 teaspoon butter
½ bunch scallion, chopped
radicchio, chopped (optional, nice for color)
Prepare pasta. Add lemon to chicken once it’s cooked and add pasta. Add in desired amount of pesto, Sauté nuts in butter, then add scallion and radicchio.

1 bunch basil, stems removed
1 head (or less) garlic
Approximately ½ cup olive oil (amount will depend on consistency you like and size of bunch of basil)
1 cup parmesan
Food process garlic, then add basil and parmesan and process. Add oil and process. Add additional oil if necessary. You can add pine nuts, but I prefer to sauté them and add them to a dish at the very end.

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