Sunday, August 31, 2014

Fish Stock for Dogs

My Pug, Ferdi, was diagnosed with a mass cell tumor and was treated with chemo. He now has several health issues, including a a depressed immune system., inflammation and other issues. He just started seeing an integrated vet and is getting supplements to support his system. In addition, he is eating chicken, and chicken fish and beef stock and vegetables.

Fish stock is high in anti-inflammatory amino acids (great for arthritis), it is beneficial for dogs with kidney issues, and it is a  natural source of iodine and thyroid nutrients Fish stock has gelatin which lines the digestive system and acts as a barrier to bad bacteria, it holds digestive juices in the belly longer which aids in digestion of nutrients and aids in increased absorption of vitamins and minerals.  It is high in glycine which encourages liver detox. The omega fatty acids are great for the coat and skin.

I started Ferdi with chicken stock and the vet asked me on his second visit if I was giving him fish stock yet. I hadn't and he suggested I start. So I called Whole Foods and asked if they have fish carcasses and they do--they freeze salmon carcasses and sell it for $1.00 a pound. So I picked one up a couple days ago.

I put it in my 12 quart stock pot that has a pasta insert/strainer. Covered it with water and cooked for 3 hours. I lifted the pasta strainer and drained off the liquid and threw the carcass away. Really liked having the strainer because it caught all the bones. Put the stock in several containers and froze all but one.

I gave both Ferdi and Cobi (healthy dog) the stock with their meals. They loved it!