Wednesday, August 29, 2007

How to Reduce Stress at the Holidays

The holidays,beginning with Thanksgiving and through December, are notorious for being stressful. The holidays are a period of over stimulation, with crowded stores, too much work, and too much in general to do.

This year, I encourage you to do some pre-holiday planning and get rid of clutter and the knick-knacks that you don't love. (Read more about clutter in my last post.) Excess clutter leads to over stimulation and stress.The next few months are the perfect time to get rid of it and to organize whatever you wish to keep.

Secondly, clutter makes cleaning a bigger chore, as all that stuff has to be dusted or moved to clean the floors.

If you decorate your home for the holidays, consider temporarily removing your knick-knacks to make room for the decorations. This will achieve several objectives:
  • Reduce stress from over stimulation
  • Make cleaning faster
  • Give your place a new look
  • When the holidays are over and you gather and replace your hidden goodies, they will seem new and fresh. You might even be inspired to move them around for a new look for the New Year!
For more tips on clutter and organizing, go to:Harmonious Environment

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