Monday, May 21, 2012

Rice Salad, Chicken and Brocoli

Yesterday I wanted to make a rice salad, but have never had one I really liked. So I turned to my favorite cookbook, How to Cook Everything, by Mark Bittman and found his rice salad with apricots. He suggested rice or other grains and I picked half a cup each of wild rice, wheat berries and pearled barley. Unlike rice, these grains have a "bite" to them and are also very healthy.

I also had a roasted chicken with sriracha aioli (Sriracha hot sauce and mayonnaise) on the side for dipping and steamed broccoli.

The meal was delicious! The broccoli was good with the rice and the aioli. The rice was a little sweet, a bit spicy and savory. This dish will definitely be making more appearances in my home.

I did not have dried apricots, so I substituted dried cherries and raisins.

Mark Bittman’s Rice Salad with Dried Apricots

½ cup each wild rice, pearled barley and wheat berries, cooled
1 cup chopped apricots or raisins and dried cherries
½ cup slivered almonds, toasted
½ cup chopped scallion
¼ to ½ vinaigrette made with white vinegar and walnut and olive oil
1 tablespoon ground coriander
2 teaspoon ground ginger
1 ½ teaspoon cayenne
½ cup cilantro leaves, chopped

Combine rice, fruit, almonds, and scallion and add vinaigrette. Sprinkle with spices and salt and pepper. Stir in cilantro and taste for any adjustments in spice