Monday, July 27, 2009

Use Your Emotions to Attract Your Dreams!

In Black Sect and other Western forms of Feng Shui, visualization is a one-step process. To visualize means to form a picture in your mind of a desired outcome. So, when you place the water fountain in your living room, you see money flowing into your bank account with ease.

With Harmonious Adjustments, there is a second component to visualization. In addition to forming an image in your mind’s eye, you feel what it’s like to attain your goal. In the case of having money flowing into your bank account, allow your body to tell you how that feels. You become emotionally attached to the outcome of your desire. This time, when you place that water fountain in your living room, smile. Smile and feel the emotions of what monetary abundance means to you. Feel the emotions in your body and in your heart. You may still ‘see’ a monetary figure in your bank account, but you must also engage your emotions.

When you place an object with the desire for a particular outcome and you engage your mental and emotional energy for that same result, a huge amount of positive energy drives that wish to be made manifest. Leave no room for negative thoughts—energy—to weaken the positive energy. The object that has been placed is already infused with your positive energy; you must hold that same vibrant energy in your thoughts and body.

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