Monday, July 27, 2009

Treat Yourself and The Planet to an Eco-friendly bed!

Because so much time is spent in bed, special consideration should be given to this piece of furniture and this is the place to splurge on the best quality, organic products that you can afford.

· Choose a good solid wood or bamboo frame that has been assembled with non-toxic glue and finishes. A slotted frame is best, as it allows air to circulate beneath it.

· When it is time to replace your mattress, opt for a chemical-free mattress made with any or all of the following materials: organic cotton, organic wool, natural latex and organic silk. Most mattresses are made from polyurethane foam plastic, sprayed with chemical fire retardants and covered with polyester. Mattresses take several years to outgas.

· Use mattress and pillow barriers to prevent and trap dust mites and protein allergens. The best mattress toppers or pads are organic wool (best choice), non- treated down or merino wool. What I especially love about wool is its wicking ability to keep you comfortable and sweat-free year-round.

· Choose sheets and blankets made from chemical-free, organic cotton, silk and wool.

· Vacuum your mattress monthly to clean out dust mites and place pillows and mattress pad in the sun, as direct sunlight kills dust mites.

· Choose comforters and pillows made from hypoallergenic down encased in organic cotton, silk or wool. Pillows made from organic buckwheat are also a great choice.

Excerpt from Harmonious Environment: Beautify, Detoxify & Energize Your Life, Your Home & Your Planet, copyright 2007.

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