Monday, July 27, 2009

Do You have Hyper Kids?

My neighbor is all freaked out because her three boys and girl are finished with school for the year and they have so much energy that her husband can't stand to be around them!

It may come as a surprise that you gain control over overactive kids by reducing the energy in your home. Here are some tips:

* Reduce--or eliminate--clutter. Clutter causes stress and anxiety in adults and overactive kids.
* What color is your child's bedroom? Colors like red, orange and yellow are overstimulating. Studies have proven that red raises blood pressure! Replace with blues or purples to get a calming effect.
* Does the energy from the street rush into your front door? If so, slow it down with the addition of trees, bushes, rocks, a meandering walkway, fence.
* Is there an abundance of noise in your home from TV's, music and computers? Lower volume, decrease time spent watching TV or on computers.
* Add houseplants. They are calming and also reduce air pollution!
* Make sure your kids can get time to play in nature everyday. This not only makes them happier, burns off energy, but calms them down.

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