Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Entry and Doorways Should be Clutter-Free

The front door to your home is of paramount importance, as it is the main access point for energy or chi to flow inside. The pathway leading to your front door and into your home and entryway should be inviting, open and free from clutter. Visualize life-force energy as it flows up your walkway and into your home. Are there obstacles preventing this energy from flowing smoothly and easily? Do you open the door to a pile of shoes and coats thrown on a nearby chair? Does your door hang on its hinges correctly, open and close properly, is it in good condition?

Overgrown bushes, dead plants or flowers, discarded objects outside your home, and clutter inside or around the front door and entry area can result in chi moving too slowly or inadequately into your home. The chi in your home becomes too yin and the result is that your home feels stagnant, as not enough fresh energy is entering your home. As clutter inside the home causes negative, stagnant chi, so do overgrown bushes, dead plants or flowers, or discarded objects outside your home.

Keep all doorways in your home free of clutter to help ensure the proper flow of chi in each room.

Excerpt from Harmonious Environment.

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