Saturday, July 25, 2009

Raise The Energy in Your Home and Give Yourself a Boost!

Replacing negative or disturbed energy with positive, life-force energy is an important aspect of creating a harmonious environment. The Chinese call this energy chi, the Japanese Ki, the East Indians prana, and some Native American Indians mana. In virtually all cultures throughout history, the awareness of life force energy has been of paramount importance. When people say, 'this room feels good', they are referring to its positive life force energy.

You already employ some space clearing techniques. For example, when you clean your house, you are removing negative energy. Likewise, when you open your windows you bring in fresh, positive energy. Next time you clean your house or open windows, note how much better your home feels.

Low, negative energy in a person can manifest itself as fear, depression, illness or anger. High, positive energy in a person can manifest itself as love and joy. Surrounding yourself with positive energy in your home and workspace will help fill you with that glorious energy!

When a space feels heavy or makes one feel uncomfortable, it needs to be cleared. Negative energy is a result of many different factors. Some examples are dirt, clutter or haphazardly placed furniture. Illness, anger and fear in present or past occupants of a space will create negative energy. Negative energy may be present in your space due to a variety of reasons including technological disturbances, low frequency electromagnetic radiation, disturbed personal belongings, geological faults or pressure ridges and underground water.
I clear a space using several methods, including dowsing, smudging and using Tibetan bells.

Dowsing is an ancient practice first used to find water. Dowsing is also used to clear people and spaces. A dowsing rod locates negative energy and a pendulum releases and clears that energy. Dowsing is especially useful when moving into a new home, as it will clear the energy of the past occupants.

Smudging has traditionally been performed by Native Americans and is the ritual burning of herbs to create smoke to clear and purify a person or space. Herbs such as sage, sweetgrass and cedar are used.

Tibetan bells, whose clear lovely sound fills a space are also used to disperse negative energy and to raise vital life-force energy.

All three methods are excellent tools to clear negative energies and to allow positive energy--or chi--to flow properly and in abundance.

For more information on how to clear your home of negative energy, read Harmonious Environment: Beautify, Detoxify & Energize Your Life, Your Home & Your Planet.

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