Thursday, July 3, 2008

Writer's Workshop

October 3-5th, I will be doing a writer's workshop called "Sell Your Book Like the Pros!" It will be held at My Retreat, 90 miles NW of New York City, in South Fallsburg, NY. For more information, go to: Writer's Workshop.

Friday Night
Round table discussion on what participants are working on and what they want to learn over the weekend. Norma discusses her journey through publishing.

Saturday Morning
The business of publishing in 2008

  • Three routes to publishing; traditional, subsidy & self-publishing: the real deal
  • Brick & mortar and online bookstores
  • Website/blog & other venues for your books

Saturday Afternoon
How to create a book proposal that sells your book

  • Discuss custom strategies for individual participants
  • Target market audience

Saturday Evening
Group discussion of topics covered

Promoting your book: What everyone needs to know, no matter how you’ve been published

  • Pre-publication: reviews, creating buzz with a website and/or blog
  • Post-publication: reviews, book awards, Internet strategies, book tour
  • Ongoing: marketing for long term sales

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