Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Green Works Cleaning Products by Clorox

About a month ago, the marketing people for Clorox sent me, unsolicited, Green Works all-purpose cleaner and window cleaner.

I got a call from a marketing person to see if I liked the products and I told him that the window cleaner didn't work well on my car windows and it that leaves a haze. The all-purpose cleaner worked pretty well.

He offered to send me the toilet and bathroom cleaners and I said sure. They both worked well.

The marketing person was happy with my responses and asked me if I would endorse the product. After all, the Sierra Club has formed a partnership with Clorox and is supporting the Green Works products.

I hope that means financial support for Sierra Club, as Clorox continues to produce toxic-filled products that degrade the environment and harm users of the product.

Moreover, Clorox touts the safety of their products, which include a dizzying array of toxic bleach-based products for kitchen, bathroom and laundry. There is a section called "Healthier Lives" which spews a bunch of nonsense about fighting germs by cleaning with these toxic substances.

I will endorse Clorox only when they stop making these toxic products and sell only natural and safe products for people and the planet.

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