Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Lotus Body Botanicals

The following is a blurb from my interview with Maria Falce, owner of Lotus Body Botanicals.
For the the full interview, go to HarmoniousEnvironment.

Norma: Tell me about your medicinal grade essential oils. Energetically, how do they compare to industrial or synthetic grade essential oils?

Maria:The synthetic oils are dead and the industrial oils are weak and lack substance and direction. Both are toxic or potentially toxic. The rest of the oils out there that are not 100%pure are not necessarily bad oils, they are just not true, they are not complete and at best smell good. Their ability to heal is muddied due to the mixing and dilution of various oils, you just don’t know what you are getting or what it can/will do. There are oils that are grown here in the States that are pure; they are just energetically different from the oils I use. This goes back to the land and the wisdom of the Earth. The European oils are older and wiser and have deeper healing qualities that have been tracked and used for centuries. The American oils have been around for 100 to 200 years at most and are just more immature energetically and because we lack a full understanding of the oils in our culture, we just don’t know what the healing properties of these plants are. It is so adaptable and dependent upon the environment that the same lavender plant grown here and in France will have totally different medicinal qualities. So, I am not saying that all American grown essential oils are bad or inferior just that they are not yet fully understood and have a tendency toward energetic immaturity. Here is an example that I feel explains what I am saying. Last summer, my husband came running into the house, a wasp had stung him numerous times. He was in a great amount of pain. I only had a couple of drops of my good lavender left and didn’t want to part with it (mean wife) so I offered him the bottle of[ a popular brand of essential oil] lavender, this is a very popular and common brand in the US. I figured that since lavender is so giving with its oils that it had to be real. He applied the oil and continued to complain of extreme pain and burning from the stings. I finally gave in and gave him my wild lavender and within 2 seconds of application, all of his pain was gone. Later that day, there were no physical signs that he had ever been stung, the redness and the welts were completely gone. Now, was this a case of a synthetic oil or a diluted oil or an oil grown somewhere that wasp stings were not prevalent? I do not know for sure. I just know that it did not have the healing properties that lavender is supposed to have, so in my opinion it is an inferior oil, real or not.

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