Saturday, January 5, 2008

EnterMarket Interview

The following is a blurb from my Interview with Jeff Kahn, Vice President Sales at Entermarket.
For the the full interview, go to HarmoniousEnvironment.

Please give me specific ways in which you are going green in the different segments of your company.

Some of the ways we are going Green in the different segments of our business are as follows: Using recycled boxes in the warehouse. Using recycled packing materials. Reconfiguring the lighting in the warehouse. No idling policy (making sure trucks shut their engines off while waiting to load and unload). Ask our existing clients to always think "GREEN" while planning a promotion by using recycled paper and printing with soy based inks for their marketing materials. Giving our packaging clients the option to change from traditional plastic packaging to biodegradable foam and recycled board packaging.

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