Sunday, August 2, 2009

Chi, or Energy, Even Affects Dogs!

Everything on and of the earth has energy—a continuum from the highest vibrational positive life-force energy to the lowest vibrational negative energy. The earth itself has positive and negative energies that affect its living inhabitants. Buildings and other structures have energy and absorb either negative or positive energy, or a combination of both. Plants are able to absorb negative energy (such as toxins) and convert them to clean, fresh energy in the form of oxygen (air). Animals, including humans, can pick up and create both positive and negative energy.

Some animals, including dogs and cows, seek out positive energy. Cats, conversely, prefer negative energy. If you have ever wondered why your cat is drawn to friends or family who dislike them, this is the reason. Given the opportunity, cows in a pasture will graze in the areas that emit positive energy.

I had my own validation of the difference in energy early on in my practice of dowsing. Several years ago, by dowsing, I cleared (removed negative energy) from a client’s newly purchased condo. The next day, she called me and told me that her dog, who had always slept in a particular spot on her bed in her old apartment, and who had refused to sleep in that spot in the new condo— was now back to sleeping in “her spot” on the bed. When I had doused my client’s bed, I had detected and cleared negative energies. It was a wonderful validation of my work. Obviously, the dog could not understand what I was doing, but recognized the difference in the energy afterwards.

Like dogs, humans feel best when surrounded with positive, life-force energy. And, just like dogs and cows, we know when we are surrounded by positive or negative energy. For many of us, this knowing is hidden from our general state of awareness and may be completely ignored. But our bodies are paying attention; they respond to dramatic shifts in energy—either positive or negative—but if we do not understand the signs, we may disregard them.

For example, have you ever entered an indoor or outdoor space (like a beautiful park) and suddenly felt peace and joy? You were entering a place filled with positive life-force energy. Conversely, a sudden sensation of fear, anxiety or aggressiveness would be a result of strong negative energy. The energy that surrounds us matters to our sense of well-being. And it also affects our level of stress and therefore our health.

Replacing negative or disturbed energy with positive, life-force energy is an important aspect of creating a harmonious environment. In virtually all cultures throughout history, the awareness of life-force energy has been of paramount importance. The goal of all these cultures is to make a space feel good. The Chinese call this energy chi, the Japanese Ki, the East Indians prana, and some Native American Indians, Mana.

Low, negative energy in a person manifests itself as fear, depression, illness or anger. High, positive energy in a person manifests itself as love and joy. Surrounding yourself with positive energy in your home and workspace will help fill you with glorious energy—and love and joy will come to you!

When a space feels heavy or makes you feel uncomfortable, it needs to be cleared. Negative energy is a result of many different factors. Some examples are dirt, clutter or disturbed earth energies. Illness, anger and fear in present or past occupants of a space will create negative energy.

If you clear your home and work spaces, you will be better equipped to face the inevitable negative energies that you will encounter in public spaces, because the majority of your time will be spent in positive energy which boosts your immune system against the negative.

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