Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Interview on The Benefits of getting Rid of Clutter

Love To Know posted their interview with me about the benefits of getting rid of clutter. I discuss the benefits of cleaning and getting rid of clutter, how to decide what is clutter, and tips on getting rid of stuff. Get an early start to spring cleaning and read interview!

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Sandra Yvonne Duke said...

Great interview Norma!

I try to do a spring cleaning and a fall cleaning. Everyone is familiar with spring cleaning, and it is a great things to do, but I find the fall cleaning just as or more important.

I do it before it really starts to get snow and get cold for the season - before the house will be closed up most of the time for the winter. During the winter I find that things accumulate. I am less inclined to make trips out to the storage shed.

I like to pick up the yard before everything gets buried in the snow, too.

I rotate warm weather and ocld weather clothes and other seasonal items from the house to storage, and this gives me a chance to bring in my winter stuff and get organized before it is a cold and miserable task.

I try to do my spring cleaning before it gets too hot to do it compfortably, especially since the storage shed gets really hot in the summer and I can't stand to spend the time it takes to organize properly.

Doing it twice a year keeps it from getting too overwhleming.

Also, whenever I get a warm enough day during the winter, I open up the doors and air out the house, even if it's just for a few minutes. It is very refreshing!