Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Free Yourself from the Tyranny of Dirt and Clutter Forever: Office

How to Clear Office Clutter and get Organized!

Buy a shredder and get to work!

· The IRS requires that you keep tax returns and attachments for five years and cancelled checks and documents for three. Shred the rest to prevent identity theft. This chore may take you into your attic, basement or garage. Go for it. If you have mountains of papers, try shredding while doing something relatively mindless, like watching TV.

· Papers that you need to keep should be organized and neatly filed. Review papers you have and discard what is no longer current.

· Organize your office supplies:

o Throw out dried-up and antiquated supplies.

o Next, determine how you want to organize your office. This is probably the only fun aspect of this job, so make the most of it. Shop online or in stores until you find containers that you like that are functional and well-made.

· Organize your books (a good opportunity to dust them thoroughly, too) and donate or sell books that you no longer want.

· Organize magazines and catalogs. If you save magazines, store them neatly. If there are only a couple of articles within each magazine, consider removing and organizing articles in a three-ring binder or file in folders.

· Purchase a calendar or notebook to organize the events in your life—now you can get rid of loose pieces of paper and stick-it notes.

· Remove people from your rolodex with whom you no longer have contact—unless you wish to reconnect. This is a good way to distance yourself from people that you no longer wish to have in your life.

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