Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Creating a Harmonious Environment: Tip #3


Even when you love everything about your space, still consider the lighting. The most obvious question is: do you have adequate lighting for the tasks which are done in a particular room? For example, a task lamp (with a powerful natural spectrum CFL bulb) by your reading chair can do wonders.

Overhead lighting or ambient lighting, lights an entire space. However, bright light in the fixtures is not always necessary. The solution? Dimmer switches! I am a huge fan of dimmer switches, dimmers allow you the flexibility to really control the ambiance of a room.

When I moved into my house, the living room had recessed light fixtures in the corners of the room. It was obvious that they had rarely been used. In their sad state, they did little to light the room. I cleaned the glasses and installed one hundred watt, long-lasting full-spectrum bulbs and added a dimmer switch. They are now wonderful! I rarely have them on high (but full power does come in handy at times) but on low, they are now perfect for entertaining or watching TV.

Consider accent lighting to highlight special artwork and architecture, or to create drama. Nightlights placed in dark hallways or bathrooms are a great way to make occupants feel safe and secure, they cost practically nothing to light and use very little energy.

Small, windowless rooms need extra lighting. The addition of mirrors will help even more, as the lights bounce reflects off of the mirror and creates more light.

Candles and firelight help to create a soft glow in a room. Candles make great accent lighting. Try candles in dark corners and near interesting art pieces.

If you are unhappy about the light in any of your rooms, really consider changing it. From a well-lit kitchen that makes food preparation easy, to soothing dim lights for a romantic dinner, you will not believe the difference perfect lighting makes!

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Sandra Yvonne Duke said...

Lighing makes such a difference in how you feel, and people often overlook its importance!

I like to use colored bulbs to iluminated shadowy corners without creating glare (such as on the TV or computer screen).

We use a combination of colored bulbs, Christmas lights, and candles to maintain a comfortable low light level, and brighter, targeted lights (such as an LED keyboard light) where needed.

The candles provide most of the needed light, and the colored lights wash out the harsh shadows.It creates a very relaxing atmosphere, without being so dark as to be straining and tiring.

Candles make it all very flexible, so you can do things like eat and watch a movie without having to choose between having a glare on the TV or being able to see your food.

Wall sconces and hanging candle holders add another dimension to the lighting, and they are safe from being knocked over by pets.