Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Corned Beef from Fleisher's

This is the best corned beef I've ever had! I didn't make sandwiches (that's for today,) we ate the meat, cabbage that had the mild and delicious flavor of the meat brine and roasted potatoes, turnips and carrots with garlic. I was on a food high! For more musings on the corned beef, go here.

Corned beef and Cabbage with Roasted Vegetables
3lb Corned Beef
1 small head cabbage, quartered
Put enough water in a large pot to cover meat. when boiling, place meat in pot and cook one hour for every pound. Add cabbage last 20 minutes. Slice meat against grain.

For more information and roasted vegetable recipe, go to: http://www.harmoniousenvironment.com/Article%20Recipes.htm.

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