Friday, November 16, 2007

Free Yourself from the Tyranny of Clutter and Dirt Forever


Cleaning, organizing and removing unwanted possessions are, undoubtedly, a chore. You can have a home with perfectly placed, absolutely lovely furniture and objects, but the energy will not flow properly if the space is dirty, cluttered or unorganized.

The payoff for a clean, organized home or workplace free of unwanted clutter is immense. The energy in your home or workspace will change—stale and negative energy will be replaced with positive, powerful, life-enriching energy. The space will feel lighter. And that good energy will make you feel more energetic and happier. When you know where to find your belongings, you will find yourself with more time—to be more productive or to actually relax. Finally, a clean home—one that is as free as possible from dirt, mold and allergens—is a healthier space.

Organizing and Removing Stuff

You can do it! And no, this does not mean throwing everything into a closet! If you are the typical American, you probably have a great deal of stuff. From clothing to collectables, photographs, CD’s and tapes (or worse, records and eight-tracks!), books, sports equipment, hobby supplies, tons of kitchen gadgets, a bathroom cabinet filled with old prescriptions and makeup and on and on…the list is endless.

Getting rid of things you no longer use or like is essential. You might be holding onto stuff for sentimental reasons. My neighbors have an ancient boat and an old Dodge Caravan that have been sitting on their property as major eyesores for years. My neighbor admitted to me that he is holding onto the boat for sentimental reasons—that it was his family’s boat. To that, I said nothing…but I have sworn that the next time the subject comes up, I will say: “OK, then fix it up, use it and have new memories—or, take a photograph of it and dump it!”

Actually starting an organizing project might be the toughest aspect of the job. I know people who have groaned about their messes for years, but are so overwhelmed by the seemingly insurmountable work that they are rendered incapable of doing anything.

Instead of focusing on your entire home, decide what single space in your house bothers you the most. What space haunts you in its need for an organizational overhaul? The space could be as small as a single junk drawer in your kitchen or as large as your two-car garage that is filled with several generations’ worth of cast-offs.

If the prospect of organizing is akin to a trip to the dentist, start with a small space. If cheap psychological tricks—like rewarding yourself for a job done—work, employ them. Conversely, do not try to organize a space so large that the project could take weeks—forcing you to look at depressing piles of things waiting to be organized or removed. Take that large space and divide it into easily managed projects.

Until you feel confident with the skill of organizing, focus on projects that you can complete in a couple of hours. You will feel good about your work and how the newly-arranged spaces feel, thus giving you a sense of self-assurance that will make your bigger jobs a welcome challenge.

The actual doing is pretty straightforward: keep and organize items that you like or love and that you use. Remove all items that you dislike, are broken and not fixable, items that do not fit and objects that are not used. If this is very difficult to do, have three piles: keep, throw out and undecided.

If there is an overwhelming amount of organizing and removing to do, begin with the most important rooms and go from there. The most important rooms to be clutter-free are your bedroom and the center of your home. Good energy in the bedroom is of vital importance; it is where you spend a great deal of time and get your rest. The center of your home affects the health and vitality of the family. Once these two areas are organized, move on to the rest of the home.

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